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Looking to Join?

Turn in a completed application to a member of the club. Preferably Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons or any public club function. Application can also be mailed to our P.O. Box above.

*Note: Applications will not be accepted without a $25(Non-refundable) fee.

Our roster is currently full and applications at this time are for our waiting list. Once an opening is available you will receive a phone call to setup an interview. If you are accepted as a probationary member you will have 6 months to find a sponsor that will speak for you at a members meeting when your probation period is up for the members vote on your membership. If accepted, from that point on it is your responsibility to learn the rules of the club. You are required to pay $125 per year in dues and work 10 voluntary hours. Works hours can be substituted with a $100 fine.

Pleasantdale Rod and Gun Club

205 Haughney Rd.

Troy, New York 12182

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 218

Troy, NY 12182

Phone: (518) 237-4929

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